The Nubs, A San Francisco Punk Rock Band

The Legendary Nubs, a san francisco old school punk band, are famous for their 1980 single "Job" with "Little Billy's Burning" on the back. Hire them to play your club or party or buy their CDs, your choice.

Nubs are playing 924 Gilman at 9 PM on Saturday, March 10

Nubs are playing the Ceremony new CD release event at 924 Gilman.

"You should go to this the Nubs are awesome...." by Rachel McConnell after seeing the Nubs at a 2011 Retox fundraiser for the Dustfish Burning Man tribe.

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nubs performance review (ca 2003)
from sector-hector's column

The Nubs are the best band in San Francisco.

...once they start, HOLY FUCKING SHIT, it's absolutely the best punk rock I've heard in San Francisco since moving here. It's pre-bullshit punk rock, before it got raped by straight edge, metal, slow emo (I like the fast stuff), prog and electronic faggotry. It's sloppy and fast, the vocals have the perfect amount of snot in them and the guitars are right at the breaking point, before they get saturated and crunchy. I'm pounding beers, and clapping furiously between each song. I'm telling my friends that they're absolutely the best band in San Francisco...

The nubs, the band that originally did "Job"...It's the greatest punk rock moment of my life...watching them play, I got the feeling that they picked up right where they left off, in San Francisco's punk 70's, when they were just fucking around, having a good time, and delivering some snotty, twisted punk rock...

...they rip the doors off the Covered Wagon like no young band in the city is currently able to do.

We Are the Future!

Review of Nubs performance at Thee Parkside in SF 20021124
by Charity VanDeBerg

Being a completely un-punk kind of person, I thought I'd look up the proper definition of Punk. Encarta online dictionary gave me "A youth movement characterized by loud aggressive rock music, confrontational attitudes, body piercing, and unconventional hairstyles, makeup, and clothing." How lame. From what I've noticed, punk music is more than just a look and attitude, although those don't hurt. More than anything, punk music has always been about rebellion: young people venting about authority, boredom, and helplessness.

Then, we have The Nubs, who fit perfectly into this category twenty years ago. The Nubs were punk when punk was new, part of the San Francisco scene of the late 70s, early 80s. Now they're back, singing all the old songs; ranting about all the old things. And, it's weird. Who wants to see their dad in jeans with a tee-shirt covered beer belly jamming on guitar, or their dentist (thick moustache and all) on the drums? And who cares if some old guy hates his parents? Then I realized, The Nubs are still punk, just a newer form. The music is classic old school stuff. Close your eyes and you'd swear it was being performed by a bunch of pierced, tattooed, shaved thugs. Re-open your eyes and you see why it works. Like I said before, punk isn't just a look; it is also attitude and rebellion.The Nubs are rebelling against the punk stereotype by not giving up just because they are now "respectable grown-ups."

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Buy the Nubs CDs.
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Note that all nubs songs are copyrighted. Send email to negotiate rights.

CD Number 1, good or crude, you choose

CD number 1 comes in two flavors: the good one for $20 or the crude one for $10. The difference is the packaging. CD number 1, the good one, has a booklet with all the lyrics and personnel and so on. CD number 1, the crude one, is just a CD that's got all the songs on it, no packaging or nice booklet.

CD number 1 was number one on KUSF's list for local bands and for a time number 2 on its overall playlist. It's good.

KUSF Playlist


Loud, Dumb, and Puerile, That's Us!

CD Review by John O'Neill from 8 Days a Week in San Francisco Bay Guardian, June 26, 2002

Loud, dumb rules. It's been nearly 22 years since Nubs release their 7-inch slab of lo-fi, low-I.Q. puerility "Job/Little Billy's Burning" (Businessman). And while the single has gone on to become a cult classic (fetching large coin with the record geek set), Nubs did not.

Not having learned their lesson the first time, founding members Dave Muniz and Jim Stockford have recommissioned the ol' band name so that an entire new generation of kids can give a shit less about them.

Only this time they have a full-length CD out. Wonderfully idiotic in concept and delivery, their self-released eponymous album is a triumph, in a finger-in-the-eye kinda way. Babies drown in bathtubs while mommies snort coke, corpses are back door'd, and the word "retard" gets tossed around like so much confetti. And what was once dumb and old is dumb and new again.

We're Not Put Out!

NUBS Nubs (Self-released)
CD review by Lee Zimmerman in Goldmine 20021227

Punk Pundits or poseurs? Based on this self-titled, over the top nugget from Nubs, it's realy hard to tell. Fact is, this San Francisco trio makes Joey Ramone and Johnny Rotten seem well-scrubbed by comparison. Nubs' cynicism is obviously intended to be as obnoxious as possible, tackling taboos and sacred cows in the process.

While this sounds harsh, it's doubtful Nubs will be particularly put out by this pronouncement. To the contrary, with its series of sadistic songs mocking handicapped street people ("Legless Vet"), dope-addled mothers who leave their babies in bathtubs ("Ivory"), pyromaniacs ("Little Billy's Burning"), corpses ("Morgue Watch"), and outcasts with murderous instincts ("Kill," "Chainsaw Love"), they're obviously all too eager to stir up some controversy.

As for the tunes, suffice it to say the whiplash rhythms, two-chord progressions, and anarchistic attitude find one melody (for lack of a better word) indistinguishable from another. That's clearly a blessing for the faint-hearted; it takes only a quick listen to one or two tracks. A little Nubs goes a long way.

A very long way, in fact. The lyrics (again, for lack of a better word) to the opening barrage, a defiant little ditty called "Job," provide an ample introduction: "Hey folks, I just took a piss/I just slit my wrist/I feel like a bitch...!" Anyone who's a nut for nihilism will probably end up sharing their sentiments, especially after experiencing this aural assult. Razor blade anyone? (

We're Punk Kings!

The Nubs
CD review by MC in AMP March 2003

First off, I gotta say that "Job" is probably one of my top 10 favorite punk rock songs ever. Yes, ever. I still remember the day I bought "Killed By Death #5" and was blown away by the tune. What a fucking classic. Here it is, with 14 others from SF's re-born punk kings. They're playing again too!

There's Enough Good Shit!

nubs CD review
unknown reviewer on blankgeneration march 2002

The Laziest Fucks in the World have finallyl graced us with a full-length release after twentytwo years, and it's worth the wait.

My only complaints are that it doesn't include on of their best songs,, "Love is a Drag", and that some of the mix could use some dirtying up.

But, whatever, there's enough good shit on this CD-only release. It includes their first single, "Job/Little Billy's Burning", which was originally released in 1980, plus twelve recently recorded trackss. The amazing thing is that, other than a slightly bigger recording sound, there isn't muc of a diffrence between the newer stuff and the two older tracks; it's still simple, snotty, stripped-down punk rock, except for a few, slower rock numbers.

A friend of mine pointed out that this stuff sounds like early Southern California beach punk, and he's right. Except, these guys don't sing about surfing and skating, but about fucking dead bodies, killing everybody, letting your baby drown while you go score downers, and having no legs....

CD Number 2

CD number 2 is in the mix. It's unacceptable to our ears and we're not selling it. It has a set of new songs on it. As of 20110620 the songs are rough mixes. We'll probably improve the mixes one day. For now we think of it as number two.

The Single

We've got a few copies of the single: 45 RPM vinyl with Job on one side and Little Billy's Burning on the other. We're charging $100.00 each for these, complete with original jacket and packaging. Don't sneer: we've actually seen asking prices on the internet of $450.00 for a copy of this 45 single. We don't know if anybody ever paid that, of course, but hey! There are insane people out there.

We'll sell the 45 without packaging for $20, but hey: buy the nice CD at that price and get a bunch of other Nubs tunes, too.

Shipping Costs Money

Either come pick them up or send us extra money for shipping and handling. International's probably about $12. Continental US probably about $5 or so.

We'll probably give discounts for quantity orders, but we don't know how much. Our per-unit cost for CD number one, the good one, was just about exactly $9.00 each because of the swell packaging (it's got a little booklet with the lyrics). Okay, we're morons, so what?

A Sampler

Somewhere in our piles of stuff we've got a sampler, an mp3 file that's about five minutes of snippets from a few of our songs. Send mail and ask for it and maybe we'll dig around and find it or even put it up on this web site for you to download.

...but don't expect us to do anything without being nagged.

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